A change of thinking – a change of outcome

Our business cannot be changed without changing our thinking.
Our business is one of change, only growth is an option.
A successful journey in our business requires that we adopt and adapt with new eyes.
If our business does not change direction, it may end up where it is heading.
It is a fact that even the smallest of insights in our business can change its direction forever.
To change and strive for success, is to decide and defend.

a change of thinking
– a change of outcome

In the E&P sector of oil, gas and LNG, uncertainty is a daily challenge. The need to address change and ‘adapt and adopt’ is an inevitable part of our business.


Petroleum Insights is an interim management and advisory consultancy to the upstream oil and gas sector. Active in this domain since 2000, based initially in Perth, Western Australia and since 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland, and with 35 years’ experience in the E&P sector, Petroleum Insights provides clients with interim managerial support and advisory services for international E&P assets and portfolios covering development and operations for oil, gas and LNG.


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